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Default Post Cruise Depression Syndrome-just back from the CONQUEST!

MAN!!! just got back from the CONQUEST and i HATE this part of the cruise... returning to the real world!!
This was my 3rd cruise experience and i definitly have post cruise depression syndrome, i think everyone who enjoys themselves on cruises gets it. you have symptoms like not wanting to do anything but think about your cruise experience and look at pictures (NOT doing work or going to school), thinking "well this is what i was doing this time LAST week, i was in so and so place this time last week", and thinking about the people who are on your ship at this time and you know exactly what they are probly doing.
it really sucks!! i miss my cruise, i had SO much fun and met so many kool people who i really miss :'(
i miss Jamaica and Margaritaville (man that place was the bomb!), i miss snorkeling in that beautiful clear Grand Caymen water, i miss walking down the promenade deck to hurry to get to the Monet room for 8:00pm dinner b/c i'm late and i miss dancing and singing at dinner w/ the whole shabang, i miss my room on the 10th floor even though it was a small inside room w/ no window, and i miss all the people i met (Pat and Tricia, Kyle, Caleb, and Matt) as well as hanging out w/ the crew i went w/ (mom, dad, Mrs. Catherin and Mr. Steve, patrick, lindsay, and nicole).
To everyone who will be crusing in the future - Always go on a cruise w/ an open mine and expect the UNEXPECTED!
and EXPECT to have FUN, b/c you WILL!!!! fa sure
<3 LSUerin ---->

November 2004 Conquest
February 2004 Conquest
November 2002 Holiday (got stuck on a sandbar!)

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