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Originally Posted by Hunkycruiser
Hi, Im new here, great to be a part of this forum.

Am i the only person that never tips on cruises? I thought after a recent trip I was considered the odd one out on our voyage, I chose not to tip, as I consider it insulting, to the employee in question. Like taking scraps from a table.

Anyone else feel the same?

Would love to get to know you guys here better!
We tip. The staff makes pretty much no money from the cruiseline and the majority of their income is from tips.

That said, I do not feel I should have to tip if the service is crappy or I do not use a particular service. On my last cruise, we never used the dining room. Never. We alwways did the buffet and tipped the waiter who brought us drinks and things like that. Since we did not use the dining room, we didn't see the necessity to tip the dining room staff.

We tip the staff that takes care of us and feel that by not tipping those we don't use, we can tip the ones we do use better.

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