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Wow Norm I just don't know how to take that!

I haven't model anything in a professional capacity of any sort! Especially anything remotely related to the oldest profession or the gentleman's club variety! I have modeled in high school fashion shows, but that is the extent of my modeling career! I am a very conservative auditor, with an eye for detail and the ability to get information from people without them even knowing they have sunk their ship. 8)

Maybe it's a southern thing, but I do remember whispered conversations with older female family members. Something along the lines of knowing when to be a lady and when to be a tigress and how to dress for the occasions. Oh yes, they did talk about this in a very delicate fashion. I laughed and called them old-fashioned. The message stuck though! Women talk and all of the women I know are business professionals who wear suits to work. However, all of that changes when the suits come off. We talk, laugh and learn from each other. You see everyone benefits from these lessons, including the lady. So the next time you see that lady in a suit, remember what I said. And it might truly be a southern cultural thing.

As far as models, did you see the pics of my children and grandchildren in the cruisemates personal photo gallery? If you haven't you are in for a treat. Check out Melody Still pics!
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