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I recently went on Silversea, and while I was one of the few people who was not overwhelmed with the cuisine, I hguess maybe my expectations were just very high at the time. i found most of the food to be bland tasting with far too much reliance on creamy sauces rather spices and high temperature cooking.

A steak, foe example, would come out a bland grey color with just a dab of sauce next to it, and perhaps a slice of bacon around it.

I would rather have the Ruth Chris sizzling hot steak, carbonized on the outside and melt like butter on the inside.

The lobster was drowned in mushroom gravy 0 just the world's worst sin for me, as lobster is a very delicate flavor and I detest mushroom gravy.

I have not been on Regent or Crystal recently, unfortunately, so I cannot say. I do remember finding some of the Crystal Food, especially the Japanese, exquisite, but some of the steak we were served was unacceptably gristly in even the most basic steakhouse.

Regent, I recall having uniformly excellent food, and I will say the same for Seabourn, that was so long ago it is hard to remember.
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