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Originally Posted by hammybee
I think it possible if you got yourself to Florida that you could go ship to ship at last minute bargain basement prices with occasioanl days, between sails, spent in the PI-OH-MI Motel.
Problem is, though, that retirees generally want someplace to "hang their hat," and having to schlepp around the pier trying to find shipboard accommodations for a week or two at a time aren't gonna appeal to them. In essence, they have no "home," and that's not gonna go over well.

I see maybe cruise lines "selling" cabins for a year at a time ... at reduced prices, but then those prices are gonna reflect where that particular ship happens to be going.

Another poster mentioned the bar service thing ... good point about BYOB ... but then the ship management doesn't have a potential revenue generator. I see certainly that residents would be allowed to bring their own liquor onboard for consumption in their suite, but I would still have a few lounges onboard (no entertainment necessarily) in order for retirees to congregate in the evenings (these bars would have far more limited hours than on a conventional cruise ship) and socialize with their fellow passengers. I would also have a few onboard stores ... again with limited hours and a limited amount of merchandise ... perhaps a sundry store and maybe another store that sold apparel, but certainly not the high priced jewelry shoppes we are accustomed to seeing. For those items, guest vendors could be brought onboard in certain ports ... to offer gemstones and jewelry for sale to those who wanted them.

Now we have to figure out entertainment. Does our ship have shows at night ... other than movies? Remember, entertainers have to be housed on our ship and that housing will be at the expense of units that can be sold or rented.

Ummmmm, maybe we should start putting out feelers to see if any cruiseline has an older ship they want to sell for this purpose. We might be onto something here.

Keep those ideas coming. I'm not getting any younger, you know ...

Blue skies ...

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