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I took a relatively large group of first time cruisers last year on a Carnival cruise and my DH "sprung" for a penthouse cabin. It was a real treat and made it such a nice thing to have the extra room. But! Once we got on board and settled in the cabin we discovered the passengers on both sides of us smoked and one of them smoked a huge fat cigar. Evidently is wife would not let him smoke it in the cabin and he spent most of his time on the balcony (up wind from ours!) with his lit cigar. He was very careful not to put ashes overboard, can't say the same for the people on the other side with their cigarettes and they were reported. Not by us but by the people on the other side of them for throwing their cigarettes overboard. Needless to say, we did not spend much time on our balcony. With the cigar on one side and the cigarettes going overboard on the other it was not a pleasant situation. I really don't mind cigarette smoke, but please be careful with the ashes and butts. Cigars do bother me and I don't like the smell of that kind of smoke. I don't think the smoking issue will every be solved to please everyone. Another one of the cases where the majority will probably have to win.
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