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Gsel, What a shame you couldn't enjoy your veranda. Disappointing.

My guess is the smoking in cabins and on verandas question will be answered by the Insurance Companies. I think the premiums will be so high for the ships that continue to permit smoking in those areas that cruise lines will be forced to think about banning it.

Only as few as three or four years ago, it would have been out of the question to ban smoking in cabins. There were more smokers in society as a whole and, therefore, more cruisers who smoked.

The numbers are dwindling and as there are fewer smokers, the cruise lines will be receptive to the requests of the vast majority and the pressure of insurance companies and I think there will be fewer places aboard where smoking is permitted.

Actually, on HAL ships, the smoking allowed areas are already considerably reduced from as few as three or four years ago. It is rare now when we are bothered by smoke just about anywhere we go on the ships.
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