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Originally Posted by hammybee
Rita, we are talking about us, a whole new breed of retirees coming of age in the next 5-20 years. Many of us will blow our wad on a World sail or two and then reality will set in. We keep our primary residences and sail all winter. There will be vans running up and down Rt 41 schleping us from port to port ,to yet another el cheapo adventure at sea.
I don't know ...

The way the stock market has been behaving as of late ... we could have a whole larger wad to play with than we once thought. At least I hope so.

But yeah ... I could see that fleet of paratransit vans going up and down the dock ... dropping off people and their luggage (and walkers and wheelchairs and scooters) at the different ships for yet another sailing.

I guess I just prefer having a condo onboard. I'm a "nesting" sort of person and I prefer to have digs that I can call my own. A different ship every few weeks doesn't give me that.

Blue skies ...

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