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Originally Posted by Meig

On my last cruise, we never used the dining room. Never. We alwways did the buffet and tipped the waiter who brought us drinks and things like that. Since we did not use the dining room, we didn't see the necessity to tip the dining room staff.
The auto tip is for ALLl wait staff not just the dining room waiters.
Do you tip the guys that clear your table in the buffet and clean it for you to sit at etc....

For $10.pd pp it also cover the room stewards which I think is a pretty good deal.
You need to look at the big picture.
If you do not want to tip people that you don't see then you should write to the cruiselines to change the system of tipping.

With freestyle dining and 24 hr buffets it is hard to tip all the people that work hard to make your cruise enjoyable. A lot of people just stiff the staff at the end of the cruise.
The cruiselines have tried to make it fair on everyone you serves you.

I think they should just included the tips in the cruisefare & I have put that on my comment cards over the years.
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