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Originally Posted by Arion
This is something that I'm very much on the fence about it.

It's wrong for the staff not to be paid for their services.

It's wrong for the businesses to give someone a bill with the wrong amount ( ie give a bill, and expect the customer to pay 15-20% extra ).

It's wrong for the businesses not to pay their staff a fair salary for the work they do, but that should not be used an excuse to try and guilt-trip customers into tipping. It should be used to guilt-trip businesses into properly paying their staff. Anything the customer chooses to pay then of their own free will, should then be an extra.

Originally Posted by revdonauctioneer
I agree. Lets begin caling the tip by its real name; a service charge. Then if I want to tip for good service I can. But I don't like it when someone tells me a person doesn't get paid unless I tip. If I am responsible for seeing that a person get paid then apply a service charge to my account. Then the person gets paid and I can tip for good service if I wish.

Just my 2 cents.

In the beginning cruise lines paid all employees a fair wage and suggested tips were quite low and used to show appreciation for service above and beyond what was expected. Cruising became popular and costs began to rise for the lines. The idea folks at the cruise lines decided the easiest thing to cut was wages. As the service staff wages were cut there was a parallel increase in suggested tipping to make up for it. There are some that caught on to this scam and decided not to tip more and in some cases tip less or not at all. This caused the staff to complain and we all know the solution was Auto-tip.

Eventually what we will see is the addition of a "service charge" to the price of your cruise and the lowering of the suggested tip. The cruise line number crunchers want to avoid this as much as possible because people will see it as a huge price increase.

Lets assume tomorrow prices for cruise line A goes up an additional 10% because they have done what I describe above. Further assume they don't tell you why and you do not know what I outlined above. What will your tipping policy be? Will you cruise less?
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