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I'm another huge fan of John Challenger and agree......he belongs at sea. While I wish him wonderful success in his new venture, I'd love to see him aboard a 'dam' ship again.

Jazzie Jeff is the absolute best and we loved seeing him on our recent Noordam cruise.

I wouldn't dream of detailing my favorite HAL crew people as I'm sure to leave someone out and I'd feel terrible. Besides.....the list would be ridicuously long. There are very few HAL crew we've run across who I wouldn't want to commend.

These kind of threads can be hurtful to a very hard working, kind, competent person who wasn't mentioned because we all had a 'brain freeze' or something.

I think HAL crews are all comprised of great folks who turn themselves inside out trying to give us 'the cruise of a lifetime' and I very much thank them for it.

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