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Originally Posted by dlm2005
Somehow, I think if you don't tip, the CEO's won't be affected much; but the families of the servers back home might.
That was not my point. I wasn't telling people not to tip. What I was trying to convey is that I feel it's incredibly unreasonable for a company that is showing profits like the cruiselines to expect their customers to be *directly* responsible and having guilt trips if they don't tip because a staff person's family might not eat that month.

Of course the customer is the one who indirectly pays the salaries by paying the fares, but why should we have to think about the economics of what the employees are getting while we are trying to enjoy ourselves? We paid our fares, we paid for a product and we expect to get it. We should not have to deal with the emotional issues of whether or not the staff is getting paid enough. We didn't pay for that. The CEO is getting the big bucks to deal with those issues. Let him take a pay cut so that his employees can make more money. We've done our part when we paid for our fares.

Of course, if only it was that easy. It's not. The CEO won't take a pay cut, and we are not all ruthless bastards who don't care about their fellow man, so we tip to make sure the staff gets enough money to send home to their families.

I just don't like how it takes all meaning out of giving a gratuity. Tipping shouldn't have to be a required part of a vacation. It should be something you feel like giving to someone because you feel they went above and beyond for you.

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