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Originally Posted by gsel
As a former airline employee I know better than to give them a chance to screw things up! We always go at least a day ahead of time and "cross pack" every thing. That means never pack all of DH's things in one bag and all of mine in one bag. Everything is mixed up so that if one bag gets lost at least we both have something to wear out of the bag that we hopefully have left.
Good point about cross packing. That's what I'm gonna do on my upcoming cruise. Even though I'm only packing for one ... spread the different types of clothing over the two bags. This way, if one is lost, at least I've got some casual clothing, a formal outfit, etc., in the remaining bag.

Now I have a question.

For the first time in my life, I upgraded to a first class ticket on my flight from Philly to Tampa. I know I get a bigger seat, but what else can I expect? Priority luggage handling?

Blue skies ...

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