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Originally Posted by tweetybird
To terri910

I don't mean all the cruise ships would have animals on it, just a few. They would still have cruise ships with just people on it, and you can go on those. The animal cruise ship would be only for people who have a dog or cat and don't have anyone to watch the animal for them and they don't want to put them in a kennel, so they would bring them on the cruise with them. Like I said before, some hotels/motels allow pets, so why not a cruise ship???????
Now that's actually a thought, tweetybird! They have "specialty" cruises for other groups, why NOT one with pets.

Although, can you imagine.....what if someone says, "I'm bringing my pet boa constrictor!"

I can envision a whole new staff, too.....some for Camp Carnival and some for Kennel Carnival -- where the staff take the dogs for a walk/run, and supervise the kitties with their play-toys!

I'll bet you'd pay through the nose for that, though.....
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