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I think if they ever come out with a cruise that includes pets I'll be sure to book it just to watch the fun-- I mean chaos.
I can see it now-- The Browns in cabin 123 have a toy poodle. Across from them ( in an inside ) the Jones family of 4 has their German Shepherd and pet boa. The lovely Smith's, 2 doors down brought their beagle and daschund, along with the 3 year old twins. Not to be left out, the guy with the tatoos and hairy arms has both his pit bulls. And this is just on part of Riveria deck-- not to mention the rest of the ship.

On the first formal night, the Jones' German Shepherd goes for the throat of the Brown's toy poodle, their boa gets a choke hold on one of the Smith twins, the pit bulls escape and make quick work of the beagle and daschund, then head for the main atrium where one gets a lock on the chief pursers leg and the other dry humps on the leg of an old lady by the bar.
Yep--- what fun people would have with their pets on a cruise.
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