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Default What type souvenirs do you collect?

This is not related to just HAL but to any cruise. I know the old saying
" different strokes for different folks " so what are some of the things people bring back from a trip ?
We collect the colorful Caribbean artwork. We have about 50 pcs. we have collected from all over the Caribbean, Central and South America.
On our last cruise a few weeks ago we came back with paintings from Costa Rica, Roatan and Panama. I also collect cups from all the different islands, as well as wood carvings. We just spent the day dusting and working on our " treasures ".
My wife likes to collect soap from different places. Her favorite is soap from Dominica-- one is called Refresh and is made with coconut oil. Another is a greenish glycern soap--- Rub-A-Dub from Belize is another.
We also collect magnets from the different ships and port's-of-call.
So, just wondering if anyone else collects similar things or are we nuts?
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