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i think it is an excellent idea. have just a couple of ships that would have a large enough sound proof area with kennels and playing space. of course ship crew would have to be assigned to the area to keep it peaceful and clean. as for kennel cough, dogs get it when they go to the kennel, dog park or a visit to petsmart. i'm a professional petsitter and i did kennel my dogs a few years ago when i went on carnival i would never kennel again. the look on their faces when the kennel owner and myself locked them in that what they call "indoor/outdoor run". i did not have a good cruise that year. next cruise 4/29/07 i will have a petsitter come to my house 4 times a day take care of them until royal carribean comes up with Bow Wow of the Seas. happy cruising everyone!
anyone in need of a petsitter go to "" plug in your zip code and petsitters in your area come up.
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