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Originally Posted by Meig
Also, my opinion is that the cruiselines are making *way* too much money to expect us to supplement their employees' wages.
I agree wholeheartedly. But, what's the option for us? Refuse to tip the service people? If we do that, what do we accomplish? We merely punish those hardworking people trying to eak out a living so that they can send some money home to their families. We haven't "punished" the cruise line at all. They got their money upfront when we booked the cruise. Their CEO's and stockholders aren't gonna suffer one iota if we refuse to tip.

I'm in a quandry about this issue myself. As I said before, I think the whole concept of tipping has become outrageous in our society. Everyone and his mother, brother and cousin expects a tip. I go to the newstand to buy a paper and a pack of cigarettes. The guy hands me my paper and cigarettes and tells me what I owe. He then collects my money and gives me change. And how convenient! He has a tip cup right there in case I don't wanna carry that change around in my pocket. No thanks. I pocket it. He owns that newsstand. He's making enough money ... probably more than me!

So, all I can do is selectively tip. I won't tip in a take-out joint at all. I only tip when I sit down to enjoy a meal that's served to me. I won't tip a Dunkin Donuts or at the newsstand or at any store where a clerk merely waits on me ... doing a job they are paid to do.

But when I cruise or dine in a restaurant where I am served, I will tip ... not necessarily because I feel I should, but because I feel that if I don't these people aren't gonna make even a base wage. Our society has set up this system ... by allowing companies to pay their people a wage that requires them to depend on tips. Only legislation will change this. Refusing to tip won't.

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