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The vast majority of the pictures you see of vehicles that go through the ice are those of people who venture onto ice long before, or after, the ice is no longer thick enough to support the weight of a vehicle.

There are also those who think that an ice ridge is safe to drive over. You must have at least 14" of solid ice to drive on a lake. It is common to see actual "roads" plowed on many lakes and many of them have "street signs" on them, so people can navigate. There are a number of avid ice fishers that build "ice mansions" that look more like top of the line motor homes rather than Ice Houses.

On most popular lakes the thin ice areas are marked. A good lake map, knowing the lake and a GPS are good tools to have on any lake but nothing beats common sense. I am still amazed when I do an idiot who fishes near or drives over an ice ridge, fish by a river inlet/outlet, or ventures out on big water without a cell phone, two way radio or a decent compass or GPS and the ability to use it.

Angela: In the portable ice houses: No. But as I said there are semi-portable ones that are decked out like motor homes and people spend weekends, or longer in them. I did take a couple of naps in mine and with the heater it was near 20 degrees outside and around 60 inside. Actually, it got too hot on many occasions and I had to open the windows.

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