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Then..quite simply..don't go to the talks..! The talks usually billed in the program as 'The Port Shopping Talk' what's yer beef..! The talks giving basic port information - how to get around - customs information & where to shop & what to look for. Information can help passengers save a lot of time in port...many of whom want to spend some time shopping. Suggest that prior to your next some research on the internet & find out a little about where you're going..tons of info available with the click of a mouse..
Finally..the shops do not pay a 'kickback' to the cruise lines... clearly stated on the Port Shopping maps..all recommended shops & restaurants pay a promotional fee to be advertised onboard. It's simply information that many passengers find're not being forced to do anything!
I do agree that the cruise lines could do a better job in providing dedicated destination lectures..many of them do - policy varies from ship to ship..
a GOOD cruise travel agent who knows the biz can help here..
Happy Sailing..
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