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Well here is my two cents worth. And this is based AGAIN on the fact that the lines do not "split their cabins" regarding smoking / non smoking. As to them, ,, it's just a bed for some and for a few days and now lets make money. That’s the picture that has to change

To me as a caring smoker that’s wrong. An inside cabin, will I sit in it and smoke, there is a very good chance NO, but maybe I will sit and smoke in the toilet (makes me feel better as a person) for being a smoker, and hopefully the ventilation / extraction is better than the bedroom.

What am I thinking? This ship has not said I cannot smoke in this cabin and they don’t seem to take onboard or care that my smoke could infiltrate other people’s cabins. It all seems to be placed on me, my conscience regarding acceptability and the actions I take.

So unless you are breaking a room or area rule for smoking, go ahead and do it. It’s as much your cruise as the person arriving ten days later who does not smoke and having to live with the smell of your smoke. Again not your problem although it concerns some of us smokers, the question of "who's in next" to this room. IT’S THE LINES call and if they don’t say NON SMOKING, who am I to argue with them, but its wrong
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