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Originally Posted by You
We will be flying to Anchorage, taking a three day pre - cruise land tour ( a total of 56 people) then boarding the Volendam and cruise down to Vancouver, BC. One of our port stops is Ice Strait Point. I cannot find anything about ISP. Has anyone been there or know what there is to do there ? Another group from Ala. are on the same cruise and have asked me the same question ??????????

Any and all info. will be appreciated.
Celebrity listed "Icy Strait Point" as a port of call on my last Alaska cruise. Actual port of call is the Tlingit town of Hoonah, near the entrance to Glacier Bay but on the other side of the strait. The ships tender to what was the fish pier of a historic salmon cannery that's now open for tours (they demonstrate the machinery in a very interesting way, but I'll let that be a surprise). The cannery's storehouses are now gift shops and a lobby area where you can wait for tours and tenders. IIRC, there are tours that go into the town and nature tours in the vicinity. Also, the people of Hoonah put on exhibitions of their indigenous dances right outside of the cannery. It's a relatively new port of call, but they are working to develop more tour options.

Have a great cruise!

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