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Now...after the perfume comment, as I am also a smoker, I will chime in on the discussion.

I agree with the comments some of you made about the cruise line being responsible...however, I must specify that they are responsible to clean the rooms in a manner that makes the room liveable for the next occupant. This includes using deodorizer and such (Febreeze is such a wonderful thing) to clear the room. I expect nothing less from a hotel, and a ship is a floating hotel for me.

I have paid for the cruise. I have specifically stated to the cruise line that I wish to smoke in my cabin, and the response has been that smoking is allowed in the cabins. Will I smoke? Absolutely. Will I expect that the ventilation is good? No way. Will I crack the doors to the balcony? As long as I'm not going to freeze my keister off (since we're going to Alaska in July), I will. I have done this on several occasions on previous cruises.

Regarding the use of designated smoking areas on the ship: If I were ever harrassed directly by someone (and by this I mean specifically a rude person) while I was sitting in a designated smoking area, then I would do one of two things:
1) tell the person very politely that I am in an area designated for smokers and if they don't like it they should leave and go to the rest of the ship that's designated for non-smokers, or, if the person was absolutely horribly rude:
2) notify a crew member that I was having a problem and let them deal with it.

If I were sitting at the edge of a designated smoking area and the smoke was blowing into a non-smoking area, and someone asked me to move or put out my cigarette, I would absolutely have no issue with that.

However, like most of the smokers that have posted here, I must agree that watching the antics of someone that is sitting in a designated smoking area, complaining about secondhand smoke and waving their hands around and coughing, is extremely entertaining.

Just my 2 cents, for whatever it's worth nowadays....

Lisa (DH Chuck is also a smoker, btw)
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