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Looking forward to seeing a sea of black on formal nights. Being 5 ft 1 in my clothes don't take up much room. DH is 6 ft and mens stuff is so much heavier and bulky than womens. Unfortunately DH wants his own tux not a rental. So we have to pack the tux and a sports coat. I said tux or suit but not both.

I also do mostly tops and bottoms. Dresses just aren't as versatile. Since I am into comfort - a lot of knit tops with a few skirts (black with patterns).
I leave the jeans and heavier stuff home. A few longer style shorts and one or two pairs of pants for the plane and if we get cold weather. I find a skirt easier to handle in restrooms of questionable cleanliness while on tour. Light raincoat (LL Bean) and a sweater for layering. Don't forget a light evening wrap. Polyester and other man mades may be tacky but they are great for travel.

I have checked into a tour with Alla and they are a little less money than Denrus. They also have vans that are for 4 passengers. That will be great for us. It will give us and our travel companions a lot of flexibility
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