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Originally Posted by Tamworthtravellers
My husband and I are about to book our first HAL cruise - Auckland to Brisbane. I'm nervous about the apparent probability of extremely rough seas between Milford Sound and Burnie. Is there a better time than November to make the trip? What are some suggestions to combat seasickness? How do others handle it?
I am blessed not to be susceptible to seasickness, but I have traveled with friends who swear by SeaBands. They work on the principle of accupuncture, so they are drug-free. You can get them right over the counter at your local drug store.

But if you are concerned, and want something a bit stronger, you can always pay a visit to your doctor before you leave and have him prescribe something.

As for the seas between Milford Sound and Burnie, I wish I could help you ... but I haven't been fortunate enough to sail to Austrailia yet. But, one day ... yes, one day ...

Blue skies ...

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