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Originally Posted by You
I heard that it gets warm in the summer in the baltic that true? I always thought of the scandinavian countries as rather brisk/cool weather.
Basically, yes. Daytime temeratures in Oslo and Copenhagen, for example, tend to be in the 70's in early June and even warmer in July and August.

Scandanavia genarally is not as cold as we tend to envision. Back in 1984, I deployed with the regimental headquarters of the Second Marine Regiment ("Second Marines") for an amphibious landing in the Tromso region of Norway, which is about 200 nautical miles north or the Arctic Circle. In preparation for the deployment, we went to Camp Ripley, Minnesota, located about 900 nautical miles south of the Arctic Circle, for cold weather training in November and December of 1983. The temperatures that we encountered at Camp Ripley (-32 F on the night of a "survival exercise" in makeshift leanto shelters) were about sixty degrees colder than what we encountered in Tromso (around freezing at night and mid to upper 40's F in the daytime).

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