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Originally Posted by pm54
Yes, I praised her highly in the letter. (I also thanked her personally later in the cruise.) Who knows whether the praise in the letter garnered any more response than the complaint.
From what I've been told by several cruise directors, HAL takes letters of praise very, very seriously. In fact, people get promoted based upon the number of such letters in their personnel files.

I actually had one cabin steward on the Amsterdam who I complimented very highly at the end of the cruise, along with greasing his palm a bit for stellar service. He somewhat jokingly (though I am sure he was serious) asked me to put my praise in writing to HAL. I told him I would definitely do that.

Well, I'm sure that plenty of other people complimented him in writing as well because on my latest Amsterdam cruise I found out that he was working up on the Navigation Deck now ... servicing the luxury suites. Frankly, I was not at all surprised.

Blue skies ...

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