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Good Morning All,

I'm going to enjoy the balmy 18 degrees as the weatherman tells me that as the day wears on, and the winds pick up, and as the snow squalls rage, the temps that follow them, with the windchill's will be at about -30.
Hard to believe we are getting 30 belows in March. Can honestly tell you, I'm really not looking forward to this, or to be honest.

Thank you guys for the pep talk on Saturday. I just am so overwhelmed I don't believe I can think rationally right now. My husband was on call, and worked all weekend, and I had no voice of reason to calm me down.
It is just a wait and see game until I get my next blood test on March 23rd I guess. I still think this doctor has some flawed believes as what he says and the hemotologist says are vastly different. I hope I can get someone who really knows involved in this case, that's why I believe I may ask for a endorcrinologist, tho' my doctor seemed real hesitant to refer me to one. Maybe my oral surgeon can refer me.

Didn't get a chance to get on yesterday. With the Pastor gone it's up to me to keep things rolling. Since half our congregation in Florida for school break, it made it really hard. Almost no musicians, no choir. Then we had a broken hot water heater, of course it was on the day of our monthly breakfast. Then an hour before Youth Group the two teen leaders scheduled for the night cancelled, and since my husband was on a call for work, that meant I had to go and do it. I was not really prepared, but we made it through and I don't feel like I completely wasted the teens time. Then of course whoever unlocked the side door on Sunday took the key with them so I couldn't lock it. Now I have to track that down, as well as the spare key to the boiler room. I have the door jammed taped so I can get in there with the repairman. Hopefully there will be no more emergencies until the Pastor gets back. I'm just not really on top of my game at the moment, and the extra stress is taking it's toll.

RD - I was where you are a month ago. Will pray that your's goes 100%
better than mine. I still can't think about that liquid without gagging.
Hope you have a safe drive. By tomorrow it will be all but an un-
pleasant memory. I didn't know you were not a shrimp lover!

Doug - Both the Seafood and the Strawberries looked good, but I have
no appetite for them at the moment.
Steph - will be praying all goes well for you!

I hope everyones week gets off to a good start.
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