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Good morning everyone:

It was an "exciting" day at Chuck-e-Cheese, with the grandkids. I can handle that about once every six to nine months but it was worth it because the kids had a great time. BTW: Their pizza isn't bad.

Donna: Just pretend you're going on a shore excursion to "Colon", Panama. I've been there a whole bunch of times. Panama, once but the other one many. I actually like having a position where I can look at the monitor. It takes your mind off of what's going on. Don't get knocked out, just relax, watch the monitor and talk to the doctor. It helps. The last time I had it, the doctor and I exchanged lines from "Young Frankenstein." It was actually fun. The prep is a heck of a lot worse than the procedure.

Jen, I'm glad you are doing better and taking some initiative.

To everyone else, have a great Monday and a wonderful week.

Take care,
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