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Hello everyone,

Well I didn't mean to stir the pot and get debates going over TA's and PVP's like I think I have. I just wanted to praise our PVP for her hard work and the fact that she has worked harder for me than I think any TA would here in Massachusetts.

Today for example, even after getting the fax yesterday (Sunday) and the updated balance on my account with Carnival she still called my to let me know a new bill was mailed out today and to answer my questions on Costa Rica. I decided to ask her why she was working on a Sunday and she said she usually checks her messages once a weekend even when she's out of state visiting her fiance. In my opinion that's pretty good. She also said that she knew of a past guest summer special so when she checked it she found that it applied to our sialing and got us the credit. So what I can I say, bottle line is that since booking in June 06 she's knocked off almost $800.00 on our trip and our friends trip plus gotten us up to the Lido Deck.

As far a Costa Rica goes and I haven't read the posts today on here. She said that Carnival is still going to be going there, but if another incident occurs they wil be pulling out for good and finding another port in the area and it won't be Rotan according to her.

Have a good night folks and for those that PM'd me, I hope the info on our PVP was helpful. Happy sailing everyone.


PS Kuki my PVP did go to bat for us on something that happened on the Pride a few years ago. Maybe that's not common but she did.
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