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Well I didn't mean to stir the pot and get debates going over TA's and PVP's like I think I have. I just wanted to praise our PVP for her hard work and the fact that she has worked harder for me than I think any TA would here in Massachusetts.
Actually you didn't "stir the pot".. in a negative sense at all. These boards are for discussions, and that's what resulted, so that's a good thing!

If everyone just posted and agreed about everything there'd be very little learning to going on

If you're happy with the PVP you use in terms of both service and price I'm honstely delighted for you! But.. did want to make it clear that it doesn't mean you are getting the best price available.

There's a whole other issue I'm dealing with in this thread, and franky not sure what to do.
The original post asks people to PM you for the name of your PVP. If that said PM me for the name of my Travel Agent that would be edited immediately, as it is soliciting readers, which is strictly against our Terms of Service. It's a form of advertising, which is not acceptable.

If we're going to be fair, it's no different soliciting for your PVP, even if you are simply trying to reward her for her good service to you, by sending her more customers. And that's not really any diiferent than if people were trying to send business to their TA. And then we get the TAs posting recommending themselves with anonymous posts. And tour operators recommending themselves.

There's no doubt in my mind that your motives were honerable, and that's why the entire post remains as it was. But, next time.. please, honor your PVP as much as you like with positive comments, but don't solicit PMs to direct business to them. It's really not allowed.
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