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Default Re: Do Carnival ever response to e-mails

My kids are now 22 3/4 and 26. Sounds like when they were growing up and I had a house full of "I did't do it gremlins." There is, to my mind ABSOLUTLY NO EXCUSE for not even acknowledging a phone or written question or complaint within 2 business days. I have been working in a service industry for over 10 years and if I treated my company's clients they way I and others (per assorted message boards) are regularly treated I could not afford my 12/01 cruise. I would be job hunting. We work long and hard to do these kind of vacations in my household and i will NOT tolerate shabby treatment. I plan to do Alaska and Hawaii in the next 1-3 years. Will it be Carnival? Depends on my experience 12/13/01 and after. There are plenty of other carriers who want my business and discount both in advance and last minute out there. When I book a cruise I consider these points, in order or importance: itinerary, availability of departue dates, price for the minimum cabin I can live with.
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