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Hi again to all of you. Yes, I couldn't be happier with my recovery. I think this surgery has improved leaps and bounds from the pain and suffering that most endured in the past.
Donna, YES, I did a little bit of karaoke, but not nearly as much as I normally do. I didn't even try out for the "Legends" show, and I always look forward to that. You just keep singing too, and you and I will do a "Danny and Sandy" song on one of these cruises.
Angela, you're absolutely right. Our annual "Family Reunion" cruise is coming up fast. I think it's 39 days or something like that. By then, I should be 100% and able to enjoy my brothers, and their familys, as well as a big gang of people we know from here in Lakeland who are coming along. Grab your hubby, and come on along too!

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