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Originally Posted by Kuki
I'd love to hear some stories of people who had problems arise, and had their PVPs go to bat for them to straighten it out with the cruise line.
Well I've got a good one. Last September, the wife and I were supposed to go on a cruise on the Holiday as a granduation gift to my wife for finishing graduate school. It was just a short 4-day getaway on the Holiday. I booked it last minute with my PVP, got a great price (or so I assume), and since we were so close to the sail date and it was so cheap I didn't buy any vacation insurance.
Well, as fate would have it, I got admitted into the hospital just days before we were to leave. I wound up having to have emergency surgery and was out of commission for some 5 weeks. Needless to say, we could not go on the cruise. My wife got in contact with our PVP to report we could not make the cruise. We knew we were too close to the sail date to get any refund, and had no insurance, so we assumed this was just a costly casualty to my unfortunate situation.
In steps our PVP. He talked with my wife at length and convinced her to write a letter to Carnival and explain everything that had happened just to see what they would do. He told us where to send it and called ahead to let them know it was coming.
Long story short, Carnival, with the help of our PVP, gave us a FULL CREDIT of what we paid for the missed cruise. The only hitch was we had to use the credit within a year. So here we are, 6 months later, I'm fully recovered and we are booked to go on the Fantasy in 8 days!
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