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Originally Posted by bububr
I have an Ivory dinner jacket, and love to wear it for one formal night during the cruise, then I wear my black tux on the other.

As for the white thing, I thought it only pertained to shoes, otherwise women getting married in white gowns and white shoes would be making big faux pas.

So Norm, is it incorrect ot wear my off-white/Ivory dinner jacket after Labor day?

Just curious
A white, off white, or pastel dinner jacket is proper all year in the tropical and subtropcal regions of the planet. The rule of "Memorial Day to Labor Day" historically was for New England and upstate New York, where that was basically the extent of the summer weather (though one can "fudge" a week or two in southern New England). The season rightfully grows longer as you go further south (typically Easter to Columbus Day around Virginia and the Maryland, for example).

I glanced through a contemporary manual on social etiquette in a bookstore and was somewhat surprised that it stated, categorically, that a white dinner jacket is always acceptable on a cruise. In reality, though, most cruises operated in regions or seasons where a white dinner jacket would in fact be proper -- the notable exception being "Canada and New England" cruises in September and October. Now, we're seeing that change with Mediterranean seasons extending into November and December. White dinner jackets really are not proper in the Mediterranean in those months, though I would never say anything to anybody who chose to wear one.

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