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Originally Posted by fmhealth
I believe the best remedy for motion sickness or any type of GI upset is GINGER. Sold in virtually all health food sores. This is a great product to have on hand at home as well.

Ginger is also one of the few products that actually raises HDL (the good cholesterol) Stay Well!
I think that is one of the reasons you see the yum yum man outside of the dining room each evening. He has lots of stuff like that to settle passengers' stomachs if the ship is rolling and they've just enjoyed a nice meal.

Personally, I think the best remedy for seasicknesses is to keep some food on your stomach. If you don't eat ... because you feel ill ... you're doing yourself a bigger disservice. I use this same technique when I do "crazy" stuff ... like aerobatic plane flights, high speed spiraling under a parachute, etc. Always eat a little something before you go up ... crackers, an apple, etc. ... nothing heavy. Then you'll find almost nothing makes you sick (loops, rolls, high speed dives in an aircraft), and, in fact, you'll come back down with a roaring appetite.

Blue skies ...

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