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Originally Posted by Paul Motter
You can use your room key, can't you? you have to carry that around anyway. Or you can use another card and just hide it in your luggage.

In speaking to the hotel manager on the Westerdam I learned the stewards have a directive never to go into the drawers of any stateroom. Of course we don't live in a perfect world, but personally I never even bother with the safes.
No you can't use your room key to open the safes. I believe the Maasdam still has the type of safe where you have to use a card with a magnetic strip. We used an old expired credit card when we were on the Veendam. It's a pain to have to carry around another card.

I believe only the Vista ships have the type of safe where you key in a combination number. It's so much easier than carrying around another card.
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