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Originally Posted by dawglvr
I've definitely heard enough in this thread to know I will never book another cruise through a PVP, even though mine has been good to us. I do think it's stinks, though, that the industry that ruined online cruise booking is now going to be the one to make a killing off my reservations.
I so disagree.. I need my PVP till I get to final booking otherwise I would not get all that extra discount. If you book direct with a TA I have found that most won't give much extra..

Plus I find it simplier to go to my PVP with each new price change. I can refresh my Carnival site and see the corrected price within SECONDS>

In my experience to get the BIGGEST extra discount you have to let them know you are shopping around.

Now i would imagine that after you have built a relationship with a TA and let them know what your expecatations are to stay with them, then maybe this discount would be forthcoming up front.
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