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This is a repost of a reply on an earlier thread, but it makes more sense on this one!

As for "Lost", I like the show also, but it moves so very s l o w l y....... Every episode seems to raise more questions, and then we get one answer every 10th episode or so. I think viewers are getting bored with its glacial pace and are giving up on it.

"Lost" used to be in the top 10 of the Neilsen Ratings, but these days, isn't even the top 30. I think next year (season 4) will be its last.

I'm more interested in what's going on with the island, than the characters. I think there were several uses for the island, a couple of which are: that there was a biological experiement that got out of hand and killed many of the scientists. Also that the Dharma Project was used for some sort of social experiments, with the several hatches. I think the "Others" came later and are using the islands for other reasons, including fertility experiments.

I usually record the episodes, and then fast-forward through all the irrelevant material. I can watch an episode in 15 minutes!

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