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Lisa, I'm a smoker and I cannot even begin to think of how many ways that I may disagree with your stance, or your social position on this. It's such an old fashioned, self centered points of view.

I cannot begin to react, but as long as you are happy smoking away in the restaurant, the bar, hotel room, ship cabin. You go for it on the basis that they can "clean it up".. okay maybe in your own head.

In your country, and it may take I guess another 10 years, attitude and law will all change on this subject, and hopefully so will your expectation regarding the freedom or availability to smoke.

Forget perfumes like Febreeze, they only disguise the smell, but not the toxic chemicals left for others to breath. YOU cant see them, but you can inhale them with the odour of Febreeze still in your nostrils

How anyone can make a statement like "perceive as a public health problem". In this day and age regarding first and secondary smoking, is...lets say diluded as the most polite word I can find. I suppose you are also one of those that cant see any harm in working with or breathing in asbestos dust.
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