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Originally Posted by You
Look in our society today the generations are changing and on the norm most of them our into wearing jeans i dont mean ratty holey ones i mean nice dress ones and they do make casual style jeans. So you no what ever you feel comfortable in wearing do so. Its your life and if it makes you happy to wear jeans they by all means wear them. You can wear jeans and a nice polo shirt and still look good.
Of course, "look[ing] good" is not the issue. Rather, the issue is the following prescribed standard of dress for a particular occasion. If the cruise line's dress policy says something like

"Jeans are not allowed in the dining room at any time."

as many do, that should be the end of the subject.

There are cruise lines that permit jeans and cruise lines that do not. Folks who want to wear jeans on a cruise should choose a cruise line that permits jeans.

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