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Originally Posted by earl
I don`t agree with the auto -tip system. you should tip if you like the service. I have nothing against tipping a person if they do you a good service. The cruise company pay them also nothing, thats why are under
a foreign flag. they expect us to pay them. I know tipping is a sore subject.
I share your sentiments exactly. I too get very annoyed that I am expected to pay HAL's employees. However, what's the solution? If I don't tip them, who am I punishing? Certainly not HAL.

Tipping, at least here in the U.S., has gotten way out of hand, but I have a real hard time onboard ship not tipping for good service ... and letting the auto-tip ride if I am satisfied. I guess it may partly be guilt. Here I am on a wonderful cruise ... spending money on myself ... when half the people taking care of me couldn't afford to take their families on a cruise if they wanted to.

Blue skies ...

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