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Okay, I'm a little confused on where Atlantis is...I thought someone said you could walk there from the ship but someone also said something about a water taxi? Do you walk to where you would get the water taxi at?

Also, I'm trying to plan (probably way too much) my excursions for next January, and we want to do a semi submersible which we will probably need to do on our own since the ship doesn't seem to offer this excursion (I'm looking at Sea World Tours -- has anyone used them?). I think the semi sub is at 11:30 daily, and it would be interesting to do Atlantis, too, and maybe the Pirate museum. Would I be able to do Atlantis and my own private 11:30 tour? Does the ship offer multiple times for Atlantis if I wanted to do that through the ship?

Would this be too much to do? I realize the ship I'm on is in port overnight, but like tourist-y things in most places, things seem to close up early.

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