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Originally Posted by DeeDee
I think you missed the post where the OP said "We'll be traveling with my adult son.", so that would be 3 people at $10.00 per day - $210.00.
Oh, okay. You're right, I missed that.

I will admit that I've long had an "issue" with auto-tips applied per person in the cabin. It always seemed to me more logical to charge them based on two people in every cabin. So, if you have a single in the cabin, or four people in the cabin, the auto-tips would be $140.00 for a seven-day cruise ... especially if those two extra people in the cabin were young children.

I know I've always felt bad when I travel solo. I feel the cabin steward is getting jerked because he's only making $10 per day on a cabin that takes him just as long to make up each day as the one nextdoor that may have three people in it.

Blue skies ...

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