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Originally Posted by kryos
Originally Posted by DeeDee
I think you missed the post where the OP said "We'll be traveling with my adult son.", so that would be 3 people at $10.00 per day - $210.00.
Oh, okay. You're right, I missed that.

I will admit that I've long had an "issue" with auto-tips applied per person in the cabin. It always seemed to me more logical to charge them based on two people in every cabin. So, if you have a single in the cabin, or four people in the cabin, the auto-tips would be $140.00 for a seven-day cruise ... especially if those two extra people in the cabin were young children.

I know I've always felt bad when I travel solo. I feel the cabin steward is getting jerked because he's only making $10 per day on a cabin that takes him just as long to make up each day as the one nextdoor that may have three people in it.

Blue skies ...

Iknow how you feel about the solo traveling, but disagree about the charges being per cabin. When we stay at a hotel or resort we tip the housekeeper per person, not a flat amount. the more in a room or cabin, the more mess usually. NMNita
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