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Originally Posted by nmnita
I know how you feel about the solo traveling, but disagree about the charges being per cabin. When we stay at a hotel or resort we tip the housekeeper per person, not a flat amount. the more in a room or cabin, the more mess usually. NMNita
Of course, if you have a couple of kids traveling with you, and they are particularly messy ... and you don't care to pick up after them ... then, yes ... I would imagine that cabin would take him an inordinately longer amount of time to tidy up each day. But if you have reasonably neat adults in the cabin ... then I really doubt it takes the cabin steward any longer to clean up after three than it does two. Of course, he will have a day bed to make up in that case, and maybe a few extra towels to replace, but that's about it. I know it doesn't take him any less time to make up the single's cabin that it does the couple ... and there he is getting cheated out of the extra $3.50 or whatever a person the auto-tip provides for cabin service. I guess I just feel bad about that and think it would be much more fair to access the auto-tip on two per cabin in that case.

Of course, auto-tips can be removed or lessened ... so if a particular single really had a problem with this, they could just adjust it back down at the front desk. But, looking ahead to the day when auto-tips will be called a service charge or "resort fee," I think a minimum charge of $20 per day per cabin would be a bit more fair.

And, believe me ... I see this day coming. I think HAL is already beginning to call their auto-tip a service charge. It won't be long now before it will be just like it is on NCL ... non-removable.

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