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Originally Posted by nmnita
I think many lines are leaning that way. As for NCL, it is removable on NCL, not NCLA. Of ocurse to remove it takes an act on congress. NCL also only suggest $5 a day for kids under 13. NMNnita
And $5 a day for kids sharing their parents' cabin is much more fair and reasonable.

I just think it's a real burden on a family to be expected to pay $10 per day, per person when they are struggling to afford the cruise by bunking the kids in with them. I know I work with a woman who told me under no uncertain terms that she deletes autotips for her two kids, and just pays it for the two adults in the cabin. She said that $40 a day was just way over the top ... and in some respects, I can't help but agree with her. But, by the same token, I think it is a bit unfair for the single occupying their own cabin to get off with only $10 a day in auto-tips. Somehow it would seem to me that the cabin steward is doing just as much work in that cabin, and the waiters in the dining room usually wind up with the extra chair at the table going empty anyway when there's a single seated at the table.

Of course, this stuff probably doesn't much matter right now ... in the case of families in a cabin, they just do what my co-worker does and delete the kids' auto-tips. The single can always up the tip. So, it's a non-issue. But where it will become an issue is when the day arrives that HAL goes the "service charge" route and makes it very, very difficult, if not impossible to delete the auto-tip for anyone. Now, that set of parents with the kids in the cabin is gonna be forced to pay an auto-tip for the kids. But, at least at $5 per kid, it will be much more fair.

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