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Originally Posted by earl
Did anybody ever miss the ship because of a late flight or some other reason. the one time that I did not arrive one day earlier. I miss the cruise. There was a big ice storm in Montreal and all flights were leaving
late. I arrive 1 hour after the ship sail. Never again will I fly on the day of the cruise.. because of I had taken out cruise insurence i was pay back for the cruise
Yep ... been there done that. Got to spend two days in Costa Rica taking an "unscheduled" land vacation. Only difference with me is that weather wasn't even a factor. The airplane blew an engine shortly after takeoff and we had to divert. By the time they got the airplane fixed and back in the air, bye bye Rotterdam.

Wish I could say I will never fly on the day of the cruise again. But, sadly I've had to do it several times since, and will do it again in three weeks. I work night work and sometimes it is just impossible to get the night off before the cruise. Also, available vacation days is an issue as well. So, unfortunately, I pays my money and I takes my chances. Travel insurance minimizes the risk of unforeseen expenses as well.

Blue skies ...

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