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Originally Posted by earl
I don`t agree with the auto -tip system. you should tip if you like the service. I have nothing against tipping a person if they do you a good service. The cruise company pay them also nothing, thats why are under
a foreign flag. they expect us to pay them. I know tipping is a sore subject.
The hotel and dining crew receive a wage, room , board and medical care. The primary source of their income is derived from pax tips. The majority of cruise lines went to automatic tipping as a convenience to pax who often forgot to show up in the dining room on the final night and then forgot to tip their room steward too. Most of us would have a serious problem if our employers/clients forgot to pay us.

As for pax paying the crew, where else might their wage come from? Either we pay increased fares, automatic tips or what is becoming known as a service charge. This is no different than any business. Ultimately, the customer or taxpayer pays the employee's wage.
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