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Originally Posted by Fieldmouse
Notice how TV commercials encouraged us to buy perfumed sprays for the inside of our homes, our closets, our furniture and less we forget, even for our most personal persons.

Then, to be sure that every breath we take is perfumed, powdered and as unnatural as possible, we are encouraged to spray our dogs, cats and even when possible, the outside air is surrounded with scented candles.

Think of the reality of walking into a room when everyone is wearing their special brand of perfume or aftershave…you don’t smell just ONE perfume or aftershave…but ALL of them ALL at once…each fragrant fighting for your attention. The result for some, like myself, is an overwhelming headache.

How ‘bout just smelling CLEAN for a change? You know, the human body when clean has it’s own unique fragrant…and it can be very nice too.

And by the way, air, fresh clean air untouched by perfume, Febreze or scented candles can be real treat too!
My thoughts exactly! I used to use all kinds of cleaners, sprays, candles, etc., and I was always "stuffed up". I quit using all these things and I can breathe!

My favorite cologne (which I use very sparingly) is Chantilly. If someone says how "good" I smell, and they're not in my "space", I've got too much on!
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